It’s what you do.   It’s why people call you.   It’s what you’re good at.    Eyes closed.  Hands tied behind your back. In your sleep. You do it.

You took the leap, started your own business and created amazing products and services. Now you’re ready to get them into the hands of people just itchin’ to buy them.

Except … where are those people? Are they on Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? How do you find them and get their attention? How do you sell without sounding like a spammer?

That’s where I come in.

I’m Gennia Holder, Marketing and Business Strategist, and my passion is helping entrepreneurs like you create an online platform to get your products and services in front of the right people.


Bring me your course, your book or your killer service offering, and I’ll map out a marketing strategy to get your desired outcome—whether that’s a bigger email list, credibility, more social media engagement or more sales (hey, we all want that!).

No more frustration. No more feeling overwhelmed.

Gennia Holder is the most amazing business coach I have ever worked with. She has a natural gift of being able to look at a business and instruct one on what should and could be done to increase profits and visibility. I have been struggling with the idea of packaging my services and Gennia read my mind as that is where the conversation went.

How do we do this?

We take a holistic approach to marketing that goes beyond just social media.

Before we start driving traffic to your website, we have to make sure that all the pieces are playing well together. Do you need to build out your content on your website? Is it easy to comment on and share your blog posts? Is it obvious how to sign up for your mailing list? Do your social media profiles accurately reflect what you do? I look at everrrything.

Much like an architect makes sure her clients build their dream home on a solid foundation, I take a look at your products and services and help you use social media to build relationships, content and expertise. Once this foundation is set, selling becomes a breeze.

  • Can't decide on a niche?
  • Not sure who your target market is?
  • Stuck when it comes to finding your ideal clients online?

Need to know a little more about me first? Fair enough.

I’m a social butterfly by nature—the type who makes friends in the checkout line at the grocery store (yep, I’ve never met a stranger!). The event planner, organizing church events from beginning to end. The social director in my circle of friends, orchestrating girls’ night out and jumping onstage to be the first one singing karaoke (my go-to tunes? “At Last” by Etta James and Adele’s “One and Only”).

I also love public speaking and storytelling, so much so that I’m a trained storyteller for Spellbinders.

To put it simply, communicating, connecting, and planning are what I do best.

So several years ago when I decided to leave New York—and my 20-year career in the banking industry—to be near the sandy beaches of Florida, starting my own social media company seemed like a no-brainer. I got certified as a social media manager via VA Classroom and started helping entrepreneurs with their social media presence, filling up Twitter and Facebook feeds and setting up LinkedIn profiles.

After a few years of that, I discovered my zone of genius: helping entrepreneurs figure out your niche, find your target audience and create a marketing strategy for a specific product or service, with a specific end goal in mind. I’ve been helping my clients get results ever since!

Ready to see what I can do for you? Schedule your free 20 minute Business Breakthough Session.