4 Things You Must Do For Your Next Marketing Campaign or Product Launch

4 Things You Must Do For Your Next Marketing Campaign or Product Launch


4 Things You Must Do For Your Next Marketing Campaign - Case Study The Tommy Bahama Woman

All I can say is that I geeked out. They talked marketing campaign, branding, target market & ideal client all rolled into one episode. I hit rewind and play about 10 times AND used my video recorder on my iPhone to record it AND then sat down to transcribe it. It was that good.

Ever watch or witness something that blew your mind? Made you change the way you thought about something? Or confirmed what you were already doing?  Then tried to explain it and hope people’s eyes don’t glaze over.  You really want them to “get it” the way you do. That being said, I want you to get this.

Here’s what happened …

I was  watching TV and stumbled on a show, “The Pitch“, where two marketing/ad agencies compete to win the chance to run a media campaign for a large company. Today’s episode was about one of my favorite brands Tommy Bahama (of which I own one of their gorgeous four poster beds).

Tommy Bahama’s senior marketing people sit at the head of the table, as representatives from two competing marketing/ad agencies fill in the other chairs. The meeting is to give the agencies information so they can come up with creative ways of getting out Tommy Bahama’s brand’s message. It’s called a brand brief.

Tommy Bahama starts by talking about the reason for the campaign: They want to reach consumers who might not know that Tommy Bahama does womens’ sportswear. A few points they mention about their business & brand:

  • They want to bring whole lifestyle together (they have restaurant, sell men’s and women’s clothing & home furnishings, etc.)
  • Evolved over last 20 years
  • Womens’ business on fire – “. . .completes puzzle for us”
  • Last three years watched womens’ sportswear business evolve
  • Time to put spotlight on it

At that moment, the camera pans over and liquid gold comes pouring out of this man’s mouth (I know, dramatic) . . .

So let me tell you about the Tommy Bahama woman. . . 

She’s dynamic.  She’s worldly. She loves to travel. She’s family oriented.

We capture her at the moment where she’s all about relaxation.”

Stay with me. Did you see what just happened there?

Let me break it down and show you the brilliance of what Tommy Bahama did and how it can change your business too.

4 Things You Must Do For Your Next Marketing Campaign

1) Know the difference between your target market and your ideal client

Remember they sell apparel for men and women, household furnishings and have restaurants.  Therein lies the difference between your target market and your ideal client.

TARGET MARKET: Tommy Bahama brand typically targets a worldly, well-traveled man or woman age 35 and older who enjoys adventure and leisure and have an annual income above $150,000.

IDEAL CLIENT for this campaign: The Tommy Bahama woman. She is a sub-set of that target market – what you can call their “ideal client”.

2) Nail Who Your Ideal Client Is

What dude did here is nothing short of brilliant. He summed up his ideal client in 22 words – painted the picture and told the story.

You may hear people in marketing talk about creating an Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) or Marketing Persona. It’s ideal to picture that one person that embodies who your blog post, program, product or service is for.  Some people give that ideal client avatar a name.

However you do it . . You’ve gotta know your ideal client inside out  Get into her head. Know what her day is like and lifestyle is all about. You can’t truly reach her, talk to her, know what makes her tick unless you do.

3) Have a different marketing strategy for each offer/campaign

Clients ask me all the time. How do I let people know I do more than one thing or work with more than one target market without looking like I’m all over the place?

It’s about your marketing messages.  What you’re saying changes based on who you’re talking to.  Notice they aren’t marketing to the Tommy Bahama man. Otherwise they would paint another picture/tell another story of a man sitting in front of a computer screen, who can close his eyes and picture himself under a palm tree. Different market. Different strategy.

4) Capture that one moment

This is what got me rewinding and replaying. We capture her at the moment she is all about . . . “.  You can’t tell me that’s not brilliant!

What is she thinking, feeling, wanting, needing at the moment she wants your product, reaches for your catalog, searches online or goes shopping and peeks through the store window to decide if she’s going in?  I had to add this to my coaching, so if we work together be ready to hear it, ’cause it’s there.  We hear words like pain points and what keeps people up at night.  Now add that statement and it takes you out of your head and what you think is good for your client and what you think they way and it transports you into their world.

Imagine having these things written down and figured out BEFORE going to write your sales copy, blog post, create your next offer or the freebie to build your list? Think of how much easier the process of looking for your ideal clients in Facebook or LinkedIn Groups or on Twitter and Pinterest would be.


What I’ve just shared with you and how Tommy Bahama’s brand runs a marketing campaign is the springboard . . .the foundation for everything you create and do in your business.

The difference between a successful marketing campaign or product launch and one that falls flat.

Marketing in the wrong Facebook groups and having conversations with people on Twitter and Instagram who aren’t your ideal clients – basically wasting your time. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with your business or your offer. You may need to tweak your message, talk about different things or look for them in places you never thought of.

If you have an offer and you’re looking for more clients, this is the sort of thing that makes you stop, put down the pen, back away from the keyboard and think.

Think of one offer you have, anything from a free download to build your list to one of your paid offers,that you know you need more clients for.  And just like I showed you above, write a 25-word paragraph telling me about who he/she is.  Tell me the moment you capture her.  These statements take time, effort, thought. Sometimes research and asking and listening.

So tell me if  want help with your target market and ideal client and if you want to brainstorm a little, you can hop on the phone  with me.

Photo credit @visitstpeteclearwater

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6 Responses to 4 Things You Must Do For Your Next Marketing Campaign or Product Launch

  1. Know the difference between your ideal client and your target market equals genius. 🙂

    It’s amazing when you really think about “why” you are buying something. Money almost always is the last deciding factor in the buying process.

    Great post!


  2. There are so many things I love about this post, Gennia! My homework is definitely to write that 25 word paragraph describing that one moment in my ideal client’s life. Can’t wait for your next post!

    • Hi Kathryn, so glad you liked it. Its an exercise I do with my clients and it’s so helpful when we go looking for them online. Working on the next blog post now 🙂

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