Vetting LinkedIn Groups: 6 Simple Things To Check Before You Join

Vetting LinkedIn Groups: 6 Simple Things To Check Before You Join

The truth: Not all LinkedIn Groups are created equal.  Do you wonder how to choose a good LinkedIn Group? Have you thought about what makes a good one? What you should look for up front?

There are amazing opportunities  in LinkedIn Groups to . . .
increase your online visibility  ♦   build relationships  ♦    share resources    ♦     get people to know, like and trust you  ♦     promote your products and services ♦   position yourself as an expert ♦   generate leads  ♦   increase sales  ♦    and much more

You have to know what to look for or with anything else you will waste time. Over the past six years I’ve joined some great LinkedIn Groups and some not so great ones.   You have to pick and choose where to spend your time and energy.

Here is my strategy for determining if joining a LinkedIn group is worth my time. Want to know the first thing you should do before hitting that “Join” button?  Today’s video talks about how to search for groups on LinkedIn and the 6 things you should look for before joining.  Find out what my deal breaker is.

Have you ever joined a group on LinkedIn? Any deal breakers? 

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