The Story Of The Lonely Blog Post And How It Found Love

The Story Of The Lonely Blog Post And How It Found Love

There I sat, a beautifully written blog post. I had a gorgeous photo from Flickr, all the right keywords, alt-tags, meta descriptions and a headline that would make Barbara Walters absolutely green with envy. There were bullet points and sub-headings in bold so you could scan through. And at the end, there was a call to action that had me wanting to sign up.

I was stunning!

But no one saw me. 🙁

I thought my owner was selfish, until I realized she didn’t know what to do. Her favorite movie was “Field of Dreams” and her favorite line was “Build it and he will come”.  So she hit the “Publish”button  on her WordPress Blog and waited.  She would come by and visit to see if anyone left comments, but nothing but crickets.

Then one day the doorbell rang. It was the cutest little girl selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Later when she was enjoying her Thin Mints, she thought about that little girl and had a brilliant idea. “I have to let people know.”  She could hardly sleep that night.  She got up in the morning and did just what the Girl Scout did.

She went door to door, but online!!!

There are so many other places and ways to share me, that my little blog head was spinning.

Oh, and one more thing, so she wouldn’t look spammy she wrote a different intro for each one.

And guess what?

People stopped by and I had lots of comments. They shared it with their friends, wrote her emails thanking her and she even got a phone call!! It was absolutely glorious.

And the best part?  I wasn’t lonely anymore!!  I had found love – Blog Love!!


When we get together for our family reunions, my other blog post friends and family tell me how lonely they are, too. And there’s no need for that.

So get out there, write that wonderful blog post telling your stories and then share it with the world.

Tweet it. Facebook It. LinkedIn It. Pin It. Email It. Google Plus It. Do something with it!

And let’s rid the world of lonely blog posts forever.

The End.



If you need any help with sharing your stories online, I have somebody who knows all about that. Her name is Gennia and she is just wonderful.  Get in touch with her today, schedule a Strategy Session . . . and don’t forget to tell her I sent you. Smooches!

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7 steps were fantastic! There was enough new info for me that I felt like I learned a lot. But then I felt like I was already doing at least some of the things you mentioned, so reading those things felt affirming.

 It was especially helpful when you touched on those "unspoken" rules like how you should develop relationships before marketing -- as a newby, I always worry about coming off as off putting, but nobody actually says "don't do that!" when you misstep... So it's nice to be given some parameters
~Stefanie Foster Brown, Blogger

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  1. Blogging is a way building a following, but it’s also telling a story and Gennia is the best storyteller I’ve heard. Thank you for putting this in print. I will use it to help my clients understand the various stages/layers of a blog.

  2. Great story. It is truly a reflection of the real world of blogging. Promotion is the key for sure. I absolutely love your stories. 🙂

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