You don't wake up one day knowing how to use social media to get clients and make money.

You’ve created an amazing offer, that you know will make a difference in someone’s life, and you're ready to show it off to the world.

But the moment you go to your favorite social media platform, put your hands on your keyboard and look at your screen, panic sets in. And all of a sudden, a flood a questions come in ...

How am I supposed to promote this offer?

What am I supposed to say here?

Is this the right platform to share what I'm offering?

Am I going to come off as sales-ey and pushy?

You’ve been using social media for a while. But *selling* on social media feels like a completely different ball-game. Now you’re a ball of nerves as the self-doubt creeps in. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine if . . .

  • You could take the guesswork out of promoting your products and services
  • You knew what to post and when in your social networks
  • You could sell your offer without being pushy or salesy

You need help to make it happen. You need a plan.

That’s where I come in.

Marketing doesn’t come naturally to most people.  Yet it’s a skill-set required to run a successful business online.

Imagine the confidence you’ll have, the relief you’ll feel … when you know how to find and engage with your ideal clients and feel confident promoting your offers. No more guesswork!

Reach More Clients 30-Day Marketing Intensive will take all the guesswork out of how to use social media to find your ideal clients and promote your offer.

In less that 30 days, you'll go from . . .

  • Being overwhelmed with so many questions about where and how to promote your offer to get in front of your ideal clients
  • Wasting time on social media with no clear focus, frustrated that you have been trying a bunch of different things, flying by the seat of your pants
  • Feeling like you're lurking on social media, holding back from promoting yourself and your offers because of the fear of being sales-y, pushy or sleazy
  • Panicking at the last minute because not enough people signed up and wishing you had taken the time BEFORE your offer was ready to launch to map out a plan

To being able to . . .

  • Attract your ideal clients so you can fill your programs and make money doing what you love
  • Promote yourself comfortably as you share content that sets you up as an expert and builds credibility in the eyes of your potential clients
  • Easily spot opportunities to engage in conversations with your target audience to establish solid connections and build relationships
  • Expand your reach to an untapped market and drive new traffic to your website

"I was launching my first online course and I wanted to learn how to reach target customers for my program.

Our session was fabulous! Gennia figured out who my target customer was and she knew exactly where to find them online. She showed me how to introduce myself and network with these potential clients without feeling like I was pushing myself on them. She totally got me and how I show my personality online.

When I started to share my content, I began to grow my followers. I saw in increase in Pinterest followers, people were signing up for my email newsletter and a few started following my blog. All after one session."

- Penney Fox, founder of



How We'll Work:

The “All About You & Your Offer” Questionnaire

The “All About You & Your Offer” Questionnaire

You’ll fill out a questionnaire allowing me to get to know you, your offer, business and goals. I want to know what's working and where you are stuck. There will be hard questions, but you want new clients right? This lays the groundwork for our power session.

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Before the Power Session, I need to do some work. I will dissect your offer, target market, and content (blog posts, sales pages and opt-ins) to be sure they have a theme related to your offer. Then I’ll map out our power session so we can hit the ground running from the moment we hop on our screen sharing Skype session.

Power Session

Power Session

You + Me on a Skype call for a 90 minute laser-focused session where we’ll mastermind, review and continue to dissect. We log onto your social media accounts and you see firsthand what to do. You get immediate feedback and answers so you can get comfortable with how to connect, engage and promote.

30 Day Implementation Plan

30 Day Implementation Plan

After our call, it’s not over! You’’ get a follow-up email recapping our call with a priority list of action items to promote your offer, increase your visibility, spread the word about your services and find your people. You will know exactly what you should be doing. No more guesswork!

Follow up & Accountability

Follow up & Accountability

As you continue to build momentum with your newfound skills, questions are bound to come up on seeking, engaging and promoting to your ideal clients. That’s why you have two 20 minutes screen sharing sessions in addition to 4 weekly check-ins via email, and I’ll answer any questions you have to keep you from being stuck. This will help you to stay focused and on track to meet your goals.

Access to Exclusive Video Library

Access to Exclusive Video Library

I’ll share with you access to tools, templates and videos to help you execute your plan of action so there’s not a steep learning curve. These are things I’ve created specifically for my clients.

Is this right for me?

  • You’re a passionate entrepreneur who’s created an amazing offer and you’re ready to show it off to the world and make a difference in someone’s life. Make it easier. Better.
  • You’ve been using social media for a while, but you put your hands on the keyboard, look at your screen and panic sets in. The range of emotions can be overwhelming. The questions come. The doubt creeps in.

If you’ve answered yes, it’s time to get started attracting new clients!

Are you ready to reach more clients and get your amazing product or service sold?

Your investment to Reach More Clients: $375