LinkedIn Groups: 8 Groups You Need To Join To Generate Leads

LinkedIn Groups: 8 Groups You Need To Join To Generate Leads

Today we’re talking about how to decide which types of LinkedIn groups to join based on the people we need to connect with. This all goes back to your business and marketing goals for using LinkedIn. With over 2 million groups on LinkedIn and a maximum of 50 groups you can join, be strategic about the LinkedIn groups you join.

Yes, we’re joining groups on LinkedIn and want to generate leads and sales, but remember we are connecting with people.  Real people, like you, who are hustling everyday  – whether it’s in a cubicle, the corner office or at home in their sweats with a baby on their lap trying not to get formula on the keyboard.  Me? The landscaper always shows up when I’m on a Skype call! Happens every time!

You know we have to be all about the strategy because we don’t have time to waste. We want to be where our intended audience is hanging out on line.

Watch today’s video and make a list of who you need to connect with to have a well-rounded network, build powerful relationships and generate quality leads.

Our businesses are unique . . . some of you work with corporations, self-employed people or brick and mortar stores.  You might be a non-profit, represent an organization or have an annual event you put on.

Can you think of other people you might want to connect with?  Please share in the comments below – Thank you!!

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7 steps were fantastic! There was enough new info for me that I felt like I learned a lot. But then I felt like I was already doing at least some of the things you mentioned, so reading those things felt affirming.

 It was especially helpful when you touched on those "unspoken" rules like how you should develop relationships before marketing -- as a newby, I always worry about coming off as off putting, but nobody actually says "don't do that!" when you misstep... So it's nice to be given some parameters
~Stefanie Foster Brown, Blogger

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