Ideal Client Beta

How to find and engage with

I am doing a Beta test on a social media service that puts you smack dab in front of your ideal clients. .

I help business owners by guiding you step by step through the process of finding, connecting and starting meaningful conversations with your ideal clients within social media communities and groups without feeling awkward or salesy, so that you can finally connect with your target market, generate leads and find all the clients you want.

This Coaching Session is for you if have . . .

a) a new offer you are about to launch, or
b) an existing offer that hasn’t been selling like you want, or
c) an opt-in and need more people on your list

and are struggling when it comes to searching, finding and joining the right groups your target market are engaging and hanging out on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Google+).

This is a not a strategy session, marketing plan or another run of the mill consultation. This is a screen-sharing, hand-holding, let’s dive right in and do this session.

  • I find the online groups and communities for you to join that are a perfect match based on your target market and offer. Together we find your clients online in the specific groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and/or Twitter they belong to.
  • The Art of the Social Media Conversation – I talk you through where to go, what to say when joining groups and how to say it so you don’t feel awkward, pushy, salesy or sleazy
  • We will map out a plan for the conversations you will have that will generate leads for your offer.

This offer is perfect for you if  :

  • know your target market and/or identified your ideal client avatar
  • have a free opt-in
  • have at least one offer, and are
  • actively using social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter)

I will walk with you through the process of searching, finding and joining quality groups/communities where your target market and ultimately ideal clients are actively engaging.

What happens next:

  1. Send over your payment
  2. You will receive link to schedule your session
  3. Complete pre-session questionnaire
  4. Hop on Skype for our 90 minute session
  5. You will receive recap of call and custom

We hop on the phone for 45 minute Skype call.
You receive Coaching Call Recap with a blueprint to follow going forward