It’s what you do.   It’s why people call you.   It’s what you’re good at.    Eyes closed.  Hands tied behind your back. In your sleep. You do it.

You took the leap, started your own business and created amazing products and services. Now you’re ready to get them into the hands of people just itchin’ to buy them.

Except … where are those people? Are they on Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? How do you find them and get their attention? How do you sell without sounding like a spammer?

I’m Gennia Holder, Marketing and Business Strategist, and my passion is helping entrepreneurs like you create an online platform to get your products and services in front of your ideal clients.


Bring your course, your book or your killer service offering, and I’ll map out a marketing strategy to get your desired outcome—whether that’s a bigger email list, credibility, more social media engagement or more sales (hey, we all want that!).

No more feeling frustrated. No more feeling overwhelmed.