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I’m Gennia Holder, Marketing and Business Strategist, and my passion is helping entrepreneurs, like you, create an online platform that gets your products and services in front of the right people.

Bring me your online course, your book or your killer service offering, and I’ll map out a marketing strategy to get your desired outcome—whether that’s a bigger email list, credibility, more social media engagement or more sales (hey, we all want that!).

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Want to build a profitable business doing what you love with clients you do your best work with?

It begins here . . defining your target market and creating ideal client avatars but it doesn't end here. You need to know your customers in a deeper way if you want find them, have meaningful exchanges and conversations that lead to sales.

I'm talking about knowing what your people are thinking, feeling, doing and where they are in their life and business at the moment they're reaching out for what you offer.

I'm talking about the personality, core values, character, mindset and skill set of the people who are a joy to work with and you can deliver results for.

I've seen too many business owners frustrated and wasting valuable time talking to and wooing the wrong people. .

That's the core. The foundation of your business growth and marketing strategy.

Knowing your people, determines the products and services your create AND they format you offer. It affects the language, messaging and content your create on your website, social media, email and other communications.

Because when you know who your ideal clients are (mind, body and soul), you can create products they need and want, you can easily find them online and talk to them. Getting them to know, like and trust you is much easier.

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When you have an offer to promote or launch, you want a plan that pinpoints your ideal clients, teaches you how to engage and promote without feeling pushy or sleazy.

Social Media Power Hour

If you're not sure what to say to resonate with your target audience that turn fans and followers into paying clients, get clarity and a step by step process that you can do on your own.

LinkedIn Makeover

A LinkedIn Profile® that tells a great story about your business makes your irresistible to your ideal clients. Make it into a lead generating, attention grabbing, client attraction marketing machine that does the work for you.


" . . . Gennia totally "got me". She helped me shift from speaking in fluffy, nebulous language to speaking directly to my audience in a way they would understand. I totally had the right language and Gennia brought it out me. I realized that my offering was pretty good. I just was not communicating it in a way that truly expressed its value.. . ."

Takeyah Young

". . . LinkedIn had always been a struggle for me. I know that my clients are using it and it’s a great place for me to connect with potential new clients. She showed me how to use LinkedIn Groups in the way it made sense to me and my business, find other like-minded business owners and network with my new contacts. Now several of my LinkedIn connections have gone to the next level. Now we promote each other’s programs and share each other’s posts. . ."

Penney Fox

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